Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CÎROC Vodka Drinks Recipes

         Ideas are lately shuffling like crazy in my mind and I want to try and do different kind of posts as so to cover my favorite things, since I've taken some photos of Ciroc Vodka when at Argo Pub - btw, they're so fun and you can't leave after a crazy party night without beautiful memories!

         As I was saying, what could possibly compliment these photos than some yummy recipes .. Yep! that's right I'm gonna share 2 of my favorite CÎROC Vodka Drinks Recipes.
        Remember! DON'T ever drink and drive !
Happy "cooking" !

       1.  We'll start with something easy peasy: Creamy Ciroc Cocktail - 3 ingredients

14 grams Baileys Irish Cream 
28 grams Milk
28 grams Ciroc 
( or as I make it: less Baileys and same amount of milk and vodka - all the info you need to know for using any type/ size of glass/mug you wish or need ) 

            First start with putting a large ice cube in an appropriate glass - it's even more fun if you use shaped ice cubes. Then you can just pour it in! But, it you want a layered drink fashionable for instagram you just have to pour carefully and as slow as possible; you'll see that The Baileys will sit at the bottom of the glass and will transit to milk and Ciroc will be on top. 
           Awesome and Easy! 

 2.  Upgrading to: Pineapple Coconut Sour  - 5 ingredients

15 ml pineapple juice 
60 ml Ciroc coconut flavored vodka 
30 grams lime juice
1 fresh lime
ice, ice, ice :D 
          To prepare you just need to grab that shaker throw the ice and the rest inside give it a few good shakes and it's done! 

Enjoy with moderation! 

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